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All My Puppies
Sire: Bnsy    Dam: Bnky    12-25-2004
Sire: Bnsy    Dam: Bnky    12-25-2004
Sire: Reggie    Dam: Btzy    12-17-2004
Sire: Bnsy    Dam: Tippi    12-22-2004

All My Puppies

Last year, Btzy was madly in love with Bnsy, but after giving him two handsome sons, she found herself lusting after Reggie.

Reggie was thrilled when Btzy, his new “Bride of Many Days”, gave him two beautiful daughters, Greenlee and Danielle.

Bnsy was so hurt that Btzy no longer lusted after him that he found solace in the waiting paws of Tippi.

Tippi was very innocent and did not know that Bnsy was already involved with Bnky. Bnsy and Bnky were an item last year and had two sons and one daughter out of wedlock.

Tippi found herself alone and carrying Bnsy’s gorgeous baby daughter, Babe. She thanked God she only had one mouth to feed, as Bnsy went back to Bnky’s open paws.

Bnky gloated when she gave birth to Bnsy’s two handsome sons and two gorgeous daughters.

Tippi felt very inadequate (having only one baby by Bnsy), so she stole one of Bnky’s sons. It was so easy, she tried to kidnap another. Bnky was now on to this plot and was having none of it.

Btzy, in the meantime, is blissfully tending to her baby girls, not knowing that Reggie lured Pepper over to his apartment and plied her with Pup-Peronis. Pepper has now found herself pregnant with his babies. Btzy will be devastated when she finds out. Who knows who’s paws she will fall into for comfort.

Bnky’s daughters, Kendall and Bianca, are following in their mother’s pawprints, and are growing up to be bitches, just like their Mother.

Bnky’s sons, J. R. and Jamie, are already eyeing Tippi’s daughter, Babe, and as their Fathers before them, will lust after every pretty face while pursuing love and power.

Cast of Characters:
J. R...................Korkie
"Kissie": Reggie/Btzy
"Kylie": Reggie/Btzy
"Twinkie": Bnsy/Tippi
"Kendall": Bnsy/Bnky
"Karlie": Bnsy/Bnky
"Korkie": Bnsy/Bnky
"Kobie:" Bnsy/Bnky


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